F100D JePe FastFoam

Here is quick start of my Build-Log of a shortnose F100D (modified single seater version) but instructions will work almost the same for the standard F100F (twin seater).

The single seater gets a shorter nose and so a larger big enough inlet, it provides very good thrust without the need for the original FlyFly cheaterhole (you can still do the cheaterhole for for more Jet sound, perhaps I will try later and report)

Because the twinseater long nose inlet is smaller you must use the original FlyFly cheaterhole behind the nosegear (this to get enough air for your Fan). q

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A-10 JePe FastFoam Build Instructions

544Welcome to my build log of the new JePe FastFoam A-10 which is an extreme makeover of the LX-A10 kit with many JePe improvements in construction / Fan units / Retracts and Aerodynamics. With all respect to the original painted RTF-version this Jets now has become a high performance JePe FastFoam Jet. When 2 companies have spend so much time in this ’2-stage design project’ than you can expect a very special kit. Continue reading

F-18 JePe Fast Foam Instructions


This my  F-18 ‘big bird’ project , I had these kits already for a long time but I did not have much time to finish my EDF prototype version. Now we finally have many parts ready like airducting(cnc hotwire cut) , cnc bulkheads and many other parts that are needed to convert it from a cheap pusherprop model to a real FastFoam Jet! Continue reading