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EU Preise: alle Preise im shop sind standard angegeben inclusive 21% Mehrwertsteuer, nach einloggen auf Ihr Account werden fur Länder ausserhalb EU-Zone die exclusive export Preisen automatisch angegeben. Dazu kommen nur noch die Versandkosten (oder abholung).

Pricing EU: All product pricing is standard displayed inclusive 21% VAT Tax. Only for residents of the 27 European Union member States we are obliged to charge 21% VAT tax. Once logged in to your account the shop will show correct VAT Tax (no Tax for orders shipped to shipping address outside EU-Zone). All product pricing do NOT include mail costs. Pricing can be switched between Euro, US$ ,GBP

Export Pricing: we deliver at 0% VAT TAX to all export countries outside EU- zone. You must log-in to your account so the shop can show correct taxfree pricing . Pricing can be switched between Euro, US$,GBP. You choose which currency you want to pay! (you must refresh your shopping card after currency change!)

Buying and paying: When you find an article which you want to buy, you place it in the shopping basket by pressing the button ” Add to cart ”. You can see the articles you have chosen by clicking on ” Shopping Cart ”. If you find articles you don’t want to have in your shopping basket, you can remove them.
When you are ready to continue with payment, and go to ” Checkout ”. If it is the first time you visit, you will be asked to register yourself as a new customer(this takes only a few minutes). You will be asked for your name, address, contact data and a password that you have to produce by yourself (JePe shop does NOT hand-out any passwords unless you have forgotten yours). When you have registered this data, you will only have to use your e-mail address and password, when you subsequently visit the shop.
When you are registered as a customer, the purchase process will consist of 4 steps:
1. First you will see the delivery details of your actual purchase.
2. Next, you will see the payment details, here the payment address can be changed and the method of payment chosen.
3. Before you approve your order and payment, you can see the whole order together with your delivery and payment choices.
4. Order and payment are approved
Notice! You can withdraw your order any time during the whole procedure. You are not bound to anything, until you have confirmed your order.
Confirmation of order: when you have confirmed your order, I/S will send an order confirmation to your e-mail address. This is your proof that we have received your order together with our acceptance of having made an agreement of delivery of articles to you.
Be careful! Don’t forget to save or print your receipts!

If an article is sold out: If an article is sold out, you can not checkout on your order as long as this sold out article is still on your shopping list. You can send us an email regarding this sold out product by the "contact Us" form, notice of new stock wil be automaticly send to you by email.

Methods of payment: You can pay by European Bank Transfer(EU Countries) or by PayPal/ Visa / MasterCards(all Countries).

Security of online- payment: If you pay by card, your card data will be sent to a certified payment gateway – a SSL-based solution ( Secure Socket Layer ). Communication between you and the server is encrypted. This will ensure that nobody can tap into or intercept the data you type at

Delivery: JePe has the obligation to deliver your order within 30 days after payment. If for some reason your order is delayed(either by longer shipping time or special customized order) we will notice you by email. Read more on “shipping and returns”

The right to withdraw: JePe I/S retains the right to withdraw purchased items within 7 working days after your receipt of the article. If you want to make use of your right to withdraw, you must inform us and ship the article within those same 7 working days. You are obliged to return the article in practically the same condition and quantity in which it was received. The customer bears the cost of returning the article. Refund of the order(inclusive shipping costs) will be made by Jepe within 30 days but only after the article is received back in good condition (for return address see: "shipping and returns". Only private persons have the right for withdraw.

Complaint: possible defects or imperfections in products bought from JePe I/S must be referred to within reasonable time after detection of the defect. It is your duty to report and, if asked, to show how the defect or imperfection appears. As a rule you can only complain of defects appearing within 2 years after the article has been purchased. Complaint about shipping damage can only be reported to JePe immediatly after receipt of goods


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