JePe STORM-90HV 10-12s !

 JePe STORM-90HV  10-12s !

 JePe original STORM-90HV Fanunit

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super efficient JePe STORM-90HV Fanunit: very low current! HV 10-12 cell.              Best JePe 90mm Fan I build & fly in my 20 EDF Years !!      

Most heat in your motor & system is mainly produced by its current(high amps are quadratic factor in your lost energy!) . This Fan runs on HV and very low current to reduce big losses and makes it possible to run really high power on a relative small & light but very good HET650 type motor(cool running motor installed). The faster spinning 9-blade high-pitch rotor will not only bring you more speed but also produces same wanted 'turbine sound' as lower RPM running 12 blade fans (9-blade high rpm = same frequency as lower rpm 12-blade)  Both the JetFan 9-Blade rotor and the Fanhousing(with twisted & sharp shaped stators!) are made of strongest fibrefilled materials (much stronger than any! other injection molded Fan on the market) . This JePe STORM-90HV Fanunit proved to be one of the very best 90mm fan combinations that I can build for you, several customers are already converting their entire 90mm Jetfleet! (just like me): no more ballooning lipo's and much longer flights!

With only 60 Amps (10s) and still 4 kgf(39,2N)of thrust you can easy use small light cells starting from 3300 to 4500 mAh. You only need a small 80Amps HV controller(10s like the YEP-90HV or the cheaper Tunigy 100HV ), moderate size 4mm2 wiring and normal plugs (this will all save weight and heat). At 11s you have already brutal thrust and at 12s this fan will do a staggering 5,3kgF (52N) at still only 77 Amps!(but you best need a bigger 120AHV ESC for 11-12s use). At only 9 or 10s you can increase the timing setting to 'auto-timing' or middel timing so you get more thrust but on 12s it is important to use only 'Lowest timing' and use the bigger 120A HV Turnigy

for very light 9s setup(increased timing to get more than 3kgf thrust) the very compact and light HK A-spec 4500mAh boatpacks are very good. You make a 10s pack too from these boat packs but you must learn to split them from this Y-tube movie. Attention these boat packs are more in 4000mAh range than 4500 but you will use 3000-3500 for a good 10s flight. With more power on 11s or 12s you can also use bigger cells than these light 4500 (I do 11s 5400 Tiger Lipo 45C in my F-100/StormFan)

To compare: at 9s-Storm setup you have the power of a normal 6s 90mm fan , at 10s Storm you have power of a very strong 8s Fan but all on much lower Amps!(more grams thrust for each Watt input in your complete system!)

Best nozzle diameter is 75mm

cell no  Amps  Volts  Watts  RPM  grf  timing  gr/Watt  V/cell  
95133,6171433400340033,301,98 !3,7
106037222036000400039,201,80 !3,7
117040280038500475046,601,70 !3,6

test run with ESC 120HV turnigy (hobbywing clone) with small standard intake lip on testbench(not inside model), 45c packs


inclusive permanent mounted (low profile) heatsink + heat conducting silicone grease used + removable intake lip included

Japanese motor bearings!

Weight: 455 gram

Price is calculated with 50 minutes of professional assembling + balancing skills (each fanunit build for you by JePeJetMan himself! and no stagairs/no partimers!)



I need a better camera than this tiny Mobius headcam to catch the verticals and big loops of this 10s 4500mAh Hunter / STORM-90 combination (verticals are fantastic! and super looong flights) Best set video to HD and large screen


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