JePe F-18 FastFoam 90mm Fanunit

This is picture build instruction for JePe F-18 FastFoam (EPO bungee and retract version)

superfast! max power to weight, but still very loooong flight times !!

  • span: 102cm
  • Length: 146 cm
  • empty weight (incl 4x 11gram Servo+ 2x Nozzle+ ejectionseat): 900 gram
  • total weight incl HV ESC and 90mm StormFan + servo’s + glassing/paintjob + receiver etc is 1750 gr (excl flight battery)
  • advised 10s 4500mAh battery weight is 1050 gram (total F18 rocket take-off weight of only 2,8 kg! / no retracts)
  • Fan: 1x 90mm 6-10s   Best! : JePe StormFan-90HV (system F16/F18)
  • this standard EPO kit has NO landing gear: in the fuselage there are prepared pockets for medium size retracts and position of maingear has already been moved forwards for easy take-off. At first in this build instruction these holes are being closed with material from the droptanks and model is used for bungee or handlaunch. If you want to install retracts than you must look at end of this instruction
  • cnc plywood parts for Retracts install and Landing Gear is available from our shop
  • Very good quality EPO Foam Parts + clear canopy
  • carbon tubes inside wing and elevator panels
  • complete set of JePe FastFoam Parts + 3-D prints+ control horns + carbon spars

JePe F-18 FastFoam upgrade parts set comes standard with our kit

Optional from JePe Shop:

Optional from JePe Shop: EPO Glassfinish pack for F-16/F-18

optional CNC Plywood construction for Freewing Landing Gear

Optional Freewing Landing Gear from our onlineshop


Check this before you start building:

Let’s start building!!

Wing Panels:

Tail Panels:




Servo’s and Rudders:

to hide the servo: maximal thickness of servo can be 12mm (same as foam thickness) I use the Emax ES09MD (full metal/double bearing) servo’s


Hinging the elevators:

  • Best way: use both the factory made EPO hinges of elevators + additional Pivot Hinges(pictures below)

Drive set:  Speedcontrol /  Fanunit / UBEC:



ZOP POWER 4s 4500mAh 45c are only 33$ (incl shipping!)

ZOP POWER 3s 4500mAh 45c are only 26$ (incl shipping!)

I did buy small parcel with only 3 packs for 1 plane: free shipping and no taxes !

you can buy the 2x3s balance cable(or also called 6s splitter) from Ebay or here(JePe)

This is just example of my setup because I like the low price and low weight of these good quality packs but you can make your setup more simple by using 2x5s packs from different label and also you can buy an HV-UBEC that is simply soldered to your ESC plugs .


Closing holes and cleaning up the airframe:



glassing is done with 1x 25 gramm glass tissue painted onto the Foam with PU-EPO . Complete model must be sanded light with 150-180 paper to matte surface (to get perfect grip for the glass coating) .

the Paint Job:

you can buy this expensive  5 meter tape from Graupner or buy smaller 2,5 meter from JePe

Very good size Decalset from Freewing .(top) . We have some in our shop (optional)

or really cheap ‘decal zone’ sticker sheets (not waterslide) from HK or from JePe Shop.

CG and rudder movements:

20% Expo funktion auf Höhenruder . max 10mm Ruderweg (gemessen an endleiste)

30% Expo funktion fur Querruder 9mm bis max 10mm ruderweg (gemessen an endleiste)

Bungee Dolly:

Retract version:

you can buy cnc cut plywood construction from our shop , also the Freewing landing gearinstalling the maingear:

installing the nosegear:


F100D JePe FastFoam

Here is quick start of my Build-Log of a shortnose F100D (modified single seater version) but instructions will work almost the same for the standard F100F (twin seater).

The single seater gets a shorter nose and so a larger big enough inlet, it provides very good thrust without the need for the original FlyFly cheaterhole (you can still do the cheaterhole for for more Jet sound, perhaps I will try later and report)

Because the twinseater long nose inlet is smaller you must use the original FlyFly cheaterhole behind the nosegear (this to get enough air for your Fan). q

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A-10 JePe FastFoam Build Instructions

544Welcome to my build log of the new JePe FastFoam A-10 which is an extreme makeover of the LX-A10 kit with many JePe improvements in construction / Fan units / Retracts and Aerodynamics. With all respect to the original painted RTF-version this Jets now has become a high performance JePe FastFoam Jet. When 2 companies have spend so much time in this ‘2-stage design project’ than you can expect a very special kit. Continue reading